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Technological Secrets

Technological Secrets

Technology today is an indispensable part of our lives, although it is also present in the mysterious aspects of people they don't know.

Technological Secrets

Technology today is an indispensable part of our lives, although it is also present in the mysterious aspects of people they don't know.

Of course, we are providing the conveniences of our daily e-mail traffic, electrical technology, infrastructure, internet, mobile phones, web sites, online retailing, online newspapers etc.

But as a result of technology companies are commercial organizations and they can do anything to make a profit.

For example, in the 1960s, of the U.S. Department of Commerce, light bulb manufacturers to establish the existence of a secret trust agreement between the known technology companies today light bulbs can easily generate incorrect on purpose to blow out . This allows a customer to take a light bulb to use in front of her 50 years 10 – 20 – trying to get the bulb bulb manufacturers enjoy the money a few months the lives of lower.

So it's just bulbs limited with? NO!

First of all you need to know at the beginning of your subject, your cell phone, television, computers, each type of device that you use in everyday life is directly related to the subject.

For example mobile phones all over the world placed on the fingerprint reading technology is actually to your advantage, not only is an infrastructure to collect data. The collection of fingerprints all over the world and even when placing your finger on the cell phone with measurement of your heart rate from your finger even average technology firms are just a few of the infrastructure use.

, Mobile phones in the world market, the largest market after the drug and food industries. For example, remember the old 2 MB had a floopy disks, those are the ones we used to copy data with us. We had to hide our internal puts in there. Today, although we use a 2 MB flash memory with a kiss fool us this topic, because we use phones anymore once pictures are even greater than 2 MB. So the system is actually simple. In fact you suggested in the last 5 years there has been a lot of big breakthroughs, even five years ago, there are still people using a phone in. But changing technology with many cell phone battery removed cannot be inserted and a two-year warranty period.

Manufacturers have been installed in a tiny microchip setting up 2-3 year range, which is no more than a few dollars to the cost of the chip. If your phone has begun to do things themselves within 2-3 years or if you are no longer thought of its life below this one, you can search for other things!
For example, cell phones, computers, televisions, and works a lot like the device is no longer connected to the Internet. The software used with the short circuit the circuit within which time books, at which time the program should give, in which period the range of service failure, repair or change of destination or for a fee from the customer repair It's up to the initiative of technology companies will be is entirely!

These TVs cell phones computers etc, as it is being served in the US under the name of smart gold tray available in each product offered.

Technology companies survive, at least every year or two to three years at the same company's all tarted up, sold as new depends on new model of purchase of the product. If you are using a single telephone and take it for 10 years, if you use him any television for 15 years, this equipment manufacturers as soon as they go bankrupt.

People are not stupid, a smooth-running, left a solid, durable product, why not let them have the new computer, telephone or television?

As discussed above, the light bulb in the world of technology it's hard to prove a trust trust. This trust post spilled rule is the following: Products, the warranty period after the end of deteriorate.

For example we take a program, let's say we use "windows". The first version are always problematic. Reason for seawater. Knowing that the first versions released as problematic. Trying to use them free hackers (pirates) by broken, then we'll try to use free versions to download from the internet, then "patch" "update" under the name "update" in microsoft Windows is not the same as the regular version of , begins to give over the internet to people who have purchased licenses, the first version of the download from the internet, and the user who is trying to use never leak version you cannot obtain full yield on that computer, and eventually is forced to get fed up with the original version of the go. In fact, this is a sales strategy. For example, between versions of window xp microsoft's best, although they don't sell the most copies in the world and, although microsoft does not support this product anymore! I'm sure he still has our readers who use windows XP on their computers. This means that you have to have my new product you have to buy.

Technology/it industry like many sectors aimed at young people pocket money is a sector of the eye. Each year the iPhone field, hundreds of pounds each month, paying the Bills, mobile phones each month, customers who purchase a new technological product, young customers. Wish to sell products to customers in this young industry professionals. So taking work young young personnel in accordance with the demands of the customers bring us innovations. Because the biggest potential buyer group 20-40 years of age.

It is actually today, Megapixel, touch phones every type you can think of every shape, every cell in every version, or even no model has already been produced. It has produced a phone Nokia Ylında 2013, for example, and this put a camera phone into 41 Megapixel, on the other hand, many other company 20 megapixel cameras began in late 2015. Briefly from this article that you need to understand that, in the 1950s, produced in the ' 60s TV, radios and phones, refrigerators still works but unfortunately nowadays these are deliberately uyarlanmamaktadır of today's technology.

Sincerely yours
Tanju PAL

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