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How To: Specify The Web Site Price?

How To: Specify The Web Site Price? Today I wanted to mention in this thread ... In fact, indices to your web site before you need to remember to add some useful content.

How To: Specify The Web Site Price?

How To: Specify The Web Site Price ? Today I wanted to mention in this thread ... In fact, indices to your web site before you need to remember to add some useful content. First of all, the main issues to keep in mind:

1. Web site administration panel?
1. The answer is Yes, with an average of 500, you might consider a price between 10000 USD. This is totally çalışıtğınıza with which companies, or what you might want to affiliate, that figure is according to your will want to 50-100 thousand USD up to figures such as. In short, what do you want? I took a piece of paper and a pen in your hand when you have individual write fayfa.

2. If your website with each normal web browser-browser çalışacakmı?
2. each website, each browser, the browser (IE. Internet explorer, Google chrome, Firefox vb) ile çalışmayabilir. Özelikle yeni nesil web siteleri internet explorer’da tüm özellikleri ile çalışmayabilir. Buna basit br örnek vermek gerekirse, Google Internet explorer is not running. It's hard to actually make it work in all browsers, but do it in parallel with the web agency information and capabilities. Increase your cost 1000 USD with an average of 100.

3. If your website mobile compatible or mobile web site will be held externally?
3. Today, about 47% of internet traffic (2014 data) according to calls made through mobile web sites began to take shape. For example, you're doing on google or other search engines for searches, if Mobile compatible website If your site is even behind the normal desktop searches,, as well as a space for mobile compatibility or, search engines will give you priority. In short, remember, your website is in accordance with today's technology, it is always possible that you get more visitors! Mobile website price is the first ingredient is directly proportional to the specified in your request. To do this, 250 with 5000 USD you can find among figures like prices.

4. If your Web site will host all of today's technology?
4. to keep up with today's technologies, we're not even that we are now but an average must be a minimum of 5 years in the life of the web site. So you should be able to appeal to today's technologies and web site, in the next 5 years with the face and encoding eskimemeli. Do you pronounce numbers in 5000 USD with 500 companies. This depends entirely on what's supposed to want.

5. specific software such as HTML5, CSS3, or just a cms, so content management system?
5. it's all about the fantasy part of the job. It used to be made with Adobe Flash web sites, and many of the companies who don't work, there is the blood to the animation, made them similar web sites, already today this technology is obsolete (almost never-still uses the companies there). Instead, HTML5 and CSS3, Jquery, with a combination of extra software such as Java animations, transactions, you can add variables to your website. Specifically I specify a page completely flat or minimal movement and it's up to you to choose the web site adorned with alacrity. Keep in mind that a good author of Java, HTML5/CSS3 programmer 500 extra for this work with 15,000 USD may request between numbers.

6. are you going to manage your website yourself?
6. In fact, it was somewhat ridiculous question, because almost all websites will no longer manage a company they own part of the company with even the company became in departments, but no I have a CMS, Content Management System or control panel I don't want to, it could be plain HTML, so if you don't need the Administration Panel that could cause the price to fall in total!

7. Your website SEO, so search engine optimization to be applied?
7. compatible Web Site seo will be prepared? So now google and other search engines can request edits such as RDF, This is how your website should be encoded. For example, write a serious seo compatible web site, seo make a good programmer 2-3 sometimes a week duration. With certain tests and beta versions of google, bing, Yandex such websites must be from tests. This gives you 1000 with 10000 USD can arise from differences between.

8. Your website SEO, search engine optimization will be applied, results and what are your expectations?
8. you'll need very good to expect. According to a top issue, if programmed in a way that is compatible with your page, and now it's time where, so which search engine, where you want to be? You need to specify it. Definitely another issue to keep in mind is that some crazy corporate seo firms registration etc places will bring you in a location called assure and X you can request a fee/price. These are definitely a lie. In addition to come to you, I'm going to put you on the front page within a month, said people do not believe. SEO, search engine optimization is a very sensitive issue. Work and effort in the long run. Example, the word "car" when I typed the first page I want to be in first place in the strictly don't ask such a thing. Because this is not possible. In order to do so, you a lot of money, a lot of time and will cause too much stress. But for example – Besiktas Istanbul car such as a sentence always makes more sense and is correct. Because nowadays users, internet visitors to the Gallery needs beşirktaşta istanbul car "car" does not make a call. According to the sentence needs people are usually two-Pack or three-component calls. BA I keep out of it not because they usually can complete sentence calls:) Yes, in short, like the cost of 50,000 USD with 1000 can you find the numbers.

In Short, How To: Specify The Web Site Price? Expectations Message x Web Programmer's Dreams, you might consider the form of cannon fodder time = Total.

Another issue completely outside this is actually how the website price determined? before you ask a completely free web services on the Internet there are thousands of web site ... So these are completely free? This sometimes can be found in the section on our website search library call.

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