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Seo Search Engine Optimization

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We empty talk is the fact that, given above, you can check the screenshot Yourself:)

First is SEO? Let's tell it ...

Search = Search, Engine = Engine Optimization = Optimization; SEO – search engine optimization from English as we are dealing with the work of the internet in General is a phrase used. Some of the AMO is also briefly as Turkish.

Can be written thousands of pages about search engine optimization, I briefly so that you understand here briefly to provide information and seo, search engine optimization, what do you need to try to explain it.

First you need to know on the subject two billion as the legal website currently serves its visitors in the world even an estimated 9 million google searches in minutes. The average minute 1 million share on Facebook, search, bing the average side in 100 thousand dexte 75000 search is done.

These are General figures, of course, gave statistics companies! May be more or less.

If You Have Your Homepage!

You have been you or the website nowadays does not mean short path to reach your customers. So I made my website and plus on the Internet "vaas 49 – 50" I'm going to go out if you are in the logic in what you write, you can delete it immediately from your head. Web site do with the web site, there's a difference between doing seo for. On Earth, when there are more than 2 billion web site, make sure that your website is new, seo, amo, search engine optimization, make sure that the customer is not made you chance of reaching 2 billion to 1 odds.

Costs and Statistics

You can do this. On average each click, so to achieve your website to google, yandex, bing, and others for each click your ad in 2-5 can pay between $ and you can be on top all the time.

The logic is as follows, money = chocolate — chocolate = money. So as you can get there, so at the top, capitalism is valid in the Internet.

So let's do a calculation in General
$100 per day cost-per-click 2 x click = $200 Cost per day.
$200 per day x 30 days (months) = 6000 USD
6000 USD per month x 12 (month-year) = 72,000 USD

These cost report was given over for 2 USD, which 2 USD is one of the lowest average cost on google. That's what you're in, you can use the sektçr to which search words, you will use the word or sentence varies according to popularity. I mean, the average per year 50,000 USD 500,000 USD you can stay on top of all paying ads between.

But statistics show that. 85% of overall visitor ad space on direct links across the top 5. If a visitor engages in the first 5 links or does not reach the conclusion that the terms are looking for related, 6, 7, 8, and the second continued, such as score from google page continues until you want to. Well ziyareteçiler, I mean the person that floats on the Internet, why are directly the range of student? Some clients, visitors, through advertising so paying companies trust rate remained at 49%, statistically so visitors, 49% of customers ' advertising they don't trust companies. On the other hand, 95% of visitors during the visit while on a computer screen, I mean who looked over the type of location is;


Where marked, above all is the first screen meets the eyes of visitors. This is statistically proven and discovery channel channel is presented as a couple of times in the program. On the Internet you can search for these statistical results, you can see your own fair share of accuracy. The weird part is, according to research conducted on the many visitors are not aware of the ad space and so I became interested in this field eyilim what they don't show.

Oake Mining!

Of course you search engines at the top or side, you must be at the top in a very alternative. We've given you some examples above, costs, Turkey offers consumer, noticeable, item, material, tangible money paying absolutely cannot avoid but internet, web, it unfortunately is not a material to hand-hold. In this case customer, visitor, General company in our line of business who have web site we are approaching people with suspicion, because there's no material to hand-hold.

The following is a general sentence all A4 paper you put pictures of you two, you want so much money for it or what do you call this? I grafikçinin to çizdirirdim half an hour.

In short, our business is not understood yet in Turkey the value. So, SEO, search engine optimisation, we don't expect you to understand more about. It is wise to know, SEO, search engine optimization, years of buildup, the coding ability, based on algorithmic and variable capable of thinking.

SEO, search engine optimization in the short term, the forecast is not a job for the company. Sometimes it can take up to several months, sometimes even years. For example,, 12 years old, serving the real estate industry, is one of the companies that work with abroad. German, English alanya and real estate or apartment with words, we recommend that you do a search on google or, jewellery industry, which is of the companies we work for 4 years and you alanya jewellery or alanya jewellery shop, we recommend that you refine your search with words.

Your customers will pay thousands of dollars to google instead if you want to reach with lower costs, we recommend that, at least with us is that you do a consulting interview.

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