Web Site Package Platinum

The distances you can think OV what's going on with the website as a Platinum package, which are listed in detail.

URWebfili.com .com's Web Site Platinum Package, the top level web services offer.

Platinum Package Details

For A Web Site On The Internet Web Site Package Platinum Should Include All Services!

  • Platinum Package Website

    The Platinum Package, top software website using CSS3, HTML5, PHP, SEO-friendly Web sites. Within the Wordpress database has been recognized all over the world and loved by search engines such as google, has a substructure.

  • Platinum Package Mobile Website

    Today, 49% of visitors have been linked on his cell phone to the Internet. So now your website must operate both mobile and web browsers. In us you this package provides this service.

  • Platinum Package Tablet Website

    Today, 25% of visitors have been linked over the Internet tablets. Therefore now you tablet, mobile, and web site must work in web browsers. Platinum package includes this service.

  • Platinum Package Smart TV

    Today, visitors are connected to the Internet with a very small portion of television. But in the next few years this number will rise. Therefore now you TV, tablet, mobile website, and must work in web browsers. Platinum package includes this service.

  • Platinum Package Website SEO

    Website SEO Platinum Package, after your website is probably one of the most at the beginning of the problems. Under the heading of SEO you can get detailed information about seo. It's good to know that, not without Web site seo!

  • Platinum Package Android App Mobile

    Today, the cell phone is no longer a book around user ok. However, if you have internet on your mobile or Android tablet application environment more quickly, you can follow the faster access will offer regular customers.

  • Platinum Package Apple App Mobile

    Today, the cell phone is no longer a book around user ok. However, Apple/iPhone mobile or tablet if you are in the internet is your application faster, you can follow the faster access will offer regular customers.

  • Platinum Package Internet Consulting

    Platinum package provides Internet and Web Consulting is included in the price. Internet consulting had to. This service is useful, though also want to externally. Before you start a project, we strongly recommend you take advantage of our consulting services edereiz.

  • Platinum Package Includes Photo Shoot

    Platinum package includes custom photo shoots. Photo shots of web sites and applications that have to be made to their team. We use photos if you want to use for printing the catalog or price given below are excluded from the cost of the public web site.

  • Platinum package-specific Design and Graphics

    Platinum package-specific Design and graphics service. The web site, along with all the corporate logo, card, catalog, color harmony, fonts, in short, everything is done by private enterprise. Do you have a design that is not available and any other company that made everything just is personal to you.

  • Platinum Package Website Analysis

    Platinum Package Web site Analysis report of your web site analyzed monthly and will be sent to you from the development, promotion, drop, benchmark reports on the Internet that you cover your positions.

  • Platinum Package Domain and Hosting

    Platinum Package Domain and Hosting services are preferred by large firms. All about the internet in general cargo and leave a web agency internet, domain and hosting services, and they don't want to deal with. Follow us on your behalf do this.

  • Platinum Package Google Enterprise Registration

    Platinum Package Google Enterprise Registration. Nowadays it doesn't really matter, even though google does in 2012 with the update that. Google yaramamaktadır Google Services on your own work Record Company, with the best results seo services.

  • Platinum Package 360 virtual tour

    Platinum Package 360 virtual tour, Virtual Navigation Platinum package includes five points as well. There is no charge for extra 360 virtual tour for detailed information we kindly ask you to click on an icon.

  • Platinum Package advertising and promotional film

    Platinum package is a 1-minute promotional film Advertising and corporate advertising and promotional film is free of charge. Advertising and promotion click on icons for detailed information about the film.

  • Platinum Package Airborne Commercial

    Platinum Package Airborne helicopter on a 30-second Commercial air/hexacopter shoot. Case study, please click on the icon on the side. Only 30 seconds of our company's work is included in its own gravity. Special requests and a work that is not included in the price.

Platinum Package

What You Will Get?



According to the form, not the entire website, mobile application.


The first three top link on Google does not have guaranteed!


24/7 Online and phone Support


Daily backup and all Security Certificates


Membership in all the social networking, campaign, and ad management.

Cost & Pricing

The talks with the company General pricing Netleştirilebilir.

Project Cost Timing Extra
Website 5 – 10 Thousand USD 1 – 12 Months Depending On The Company
Mobile Web Site 1 – 3 Thousand USD 1 – 3 months Depending On The Company
Mobile Apps 3 – 5 Thousand USD 2 – 4 months Android Google Play & IOS Apple Store
SEO – Search Engine 2 – 4 Bin USD 4 – 9 months Entering the first 3 links search engine guarantee
7/24 Online Destek 100 USD/AY ANNUAL 7/24 Phone and Online support
Social Media 100 USD/AY ANNUAL All Your Pages Are Active On Social Networks
Consulting 50 USD/hour Hourly Telephone or Face-to-face İnternet Consulting Service
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