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Domain?, What Is Hosting? Prices Are Determined By What ...

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Domain?, What Is Hosting? Prices Are Determined By What ...

500 pounds of 500,000 pounds has a web site. The website's general price varies according to the content to be made.

Example: Home – About Us – Products – Services – Communication you need to do to a web site as simple as spending
15 USD domain (your web name on the Internet – www.webadiniz.com)
35 – 95 USD hosting (obligation to work on the Internet made you web site rental Office). Domain and Hosting is paid each year.
500 Pounds If your website VAT. This fee is paid once.

This is not a topic related to us or you. Some companies take the 5-10 domain and hosting annual. Some companies prefer a yearly payment. As our software programming company does not charge any fee and refresh your over snow.

Charges will be transferred to independent internet organization called ICANN, and these organizations all over the world, gives permission for the domain and hosting.

After your Web site domain and hosting renewal until the (15 35 USD) do not pay.

If you want custom modifications on the website that you can pay us for it.

Make your Web site with search engine optimization done, so come out on top when your site is searched is charged separately in different processes.

In General, if you write down the name of your web site 1-2 will be on Google within weeks but example; Like real estate in Alanya, Alanya Nursery or in words requires a separate process and come out on top when I searched this website the construction will be charged separately.

The example we gave above what they call a simple web site and pricing according to him. However, some websites can do things very complicated. Sample real estate web sites cannot be included in a hosting 35 USD, because thousands of pictures and pages, coding and making simple site is different.

Increases or decreases the price of all property that is to be added.

Your Web site is to deliver a clean way for you is our business. After a virus on your computer, via the Administration Panel to add a new page that you make through your website or upload images, it is possible to be infected.

In General, if you are experiencing similar problems, cleaning your website, your computer's security settings and your computer cleaning extra charge.

There is a lifetime of Web sites. Domain and Hosting fees paid annually to be renewed every year, as long as you properly and your company as long as there is on the Internet will continue to represent you on your website.

However, generally every five years, web sites have new technologies and infrastructure, and our experience in General, according to a new web site our customers usually five years to renew.

If it's all done, your data, your contact and other data about ready with 7 days 10 days over.





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