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Domain and Hosting

Domain? What Is Hosting? What Are The Services?

Domain – Name – Domain – Hosting-Hosting-Domain?

For those who read this page, let's try to tell without entering too much terminology. Someone who knows what that means here already domain currently does not read these lines.

Now let's put it this way; We are a company that we're giving a name and our example, intelligence engineering. Now we found the name of our company. This is real life. Now we need to find an Office for our company, we buy or rent.

In the Internet world, that's how it looks like, a name we need to define (domain-domain name), the same as in real life. In the real world in the Internet alone just doesn't work alone determine a name.

We're renting a place for the Office in the real world, or it must be because you're buying Office, here on the Internet when you decide to open a web site in a place on the Internet (hosting – domain – hosting) you must purchase or rental.

How is your Office furniture in the dark if you are hosting on the Internet in the same way you built our furniture, you have to put (web site).

Login How It Works?

Logic is actually very simple. How is it that if you have a phone number on the Internet everything is numbers. So let's just say, example my company cell phone number is saving me phone someone 0542 486 2343 saves as follows; Tanju Pal, here is the domain name. In fact, each domain consists of a number but doesn't know any visitor numbers on the Internet. On the contrary, everyone moves in with company names. In short, how do you take in your hand when you start looking for one of your phone, you can call from your phone you will find and Tanju Nellie, you start to look for the. Search begins (domain-your name on the Internet-Michael Palin), is a receiver and transmitter operator your phone and operator reaches you through.

This process ends when you turn off your phone. This process also applies on the Internet exactly. So you start typing a name, example,, and from there to your internet provider, the web site hosted TTNET, for example, internet service provider, then newer (i.e. Office). There are many web business will use DNS, and so on, in terms of dealing with friends, but I try to keep as short as possible to understand and to explain in the language you understand çalıştırm.

By the way, before I forget, have scored Server (English), we call this field hosting Let's say Turkish, in fact given the thought is not expensive devices. As you know, you almost never from computers you are currently using.

So why should I buy or do I have to rent per year; Because only one company tries to set up a server for their own hardware and it is connected with high speed internet 24 hours/day, 7 days if trying to keep average monthly cost would be around 1000/2000 USD.

In fact, hosting (area-location-hosting) selling or renting companies are actually hundreds of thousands of web site on a computer that stores and sometimes lowers costs. So don't do this all the time to rent equipment from our own cheap and costs but unfortunately we have rented hosting is usually always filled with boredom.

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