• webmaster ceo and founder tanju

    Tanju PAL PHP, Java, IOS, Android, Web, Mobile Apps

    By investigating what he's capable of browsing the Internet for about 22 yılıdr, what's new in love and to make new web sites, even I am in love with it. Internet, web site and programming is an art and for me is love, sometimes upsetting though:)

  • Seda Male Secretariat Pre-accounting

    We have our Secretary, Secretary de Seda Lady craze, like every year, hosting, domain, followed by a look at the front of our accounting, Office of us makes plenty of tea and coffee, washes away nicely, Cook, you will never see us open, is a little witch, started writing a code!

  • Natali Borokova Apple and Android mobile apps

    Our friend is Turkish but let me turn you instead say it:) ... Natalia on the Apple operating system IOS in Russia and self-made, a master of the linux in college a friend of ours, it's more like the many hacks that disturb him:)

  • Kuak PHP, Java, IOS, Android, Web, Mobile Apps

    New yetismekte, ambitious, driven, geophysics, computer engineering University of about run-ins with Mehmet, a master's in this section at this time. Although for now, determined Chamberland calıslan and play with the code.

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