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Technology in the world of new profession: SEO expertise

Technology in the world of new profession: SEO expertise

Web site address is digital out in the top of the search engines to provide increasing interest in SEO expertise operating facing.

Interest in search engine optimization (SEO) expertise, which is aimed at ensuring that the addresses of websites rank higher in digital search engines, is growing as the new profession of the tech-intensive world.

With the proliferation of digital technologies and internet use, companies have become more well-known in the virtual world, according to the AA correspondent.

The company's goal of topping the list in internet searches has led to the emergence of new professions. In recent years, companies have started to employ SEO specialists to be at the top of the lists created by search engines.

Aiming to increase the traffic of websites, SEO experts ensure that the most searched words in search engines are used in appropriate places on the websites they optimize. Thus, the aforementioned experts increase the organic user traffic of websites using the parameters associated with the companies.

Firms expect the SEO experts they employ to keep track of current internet search variables so they don't fall behind the list in internet searches. SEO experts are trying to detect search variables by tracking up-to-date search data.

"The need for employment will continue unabated"
fatih Uysal, General Manager of, said that SEO specialization announcements started to be published for the first time in 2010 when their own data were taken into account, and since that year, the number of advertisements has increased by an average of 27 percent annually and the number of applications has increased by 43 percent.

Stating that companies providing digital search engine services are constantly improving themselves to provide users with a better experience, Uysal said, "Companies also attach great importance to actively working with SEO experts to rank higher in search engines, which are changing so fast and have a key role in reaching users/customers."

Noting that the future will belong to companies that know how to collect, make sense of and use data correctly, Uysal stated that cloud computing, which facilitates access to big data and big data, will pave the way for new professions. "We anticipate that the need for employment in these areas will continue to diversify and continue unabated," he said.

"Search engines should provide users with a better experience"
Yigit Konur, founder of ZEO, which operates in the field of SEO expertise, said that SEO experts are working to ensure that websites provide users with better experiences and become more popular according to the rules of the internet.

Noting that known search engines have a strong algorithm for classifying and sorting information on the Internet, Konur noted that algorithms can hold some businesses behind and some businesses above.

"Search engines have to provide users with a better search experience. For this reason, values such as popularity and aesthetics/experience that we use frequently in our daily lives are prioritized in order to determine the best result. This takes a significant amount of time for the SEO expert," he said.

"AI will focus on emotion"
Webtures owner Kaan Gülten stated that no diploma or certificate is required to become an SEO expert, noting that the programmed work of an expert, his ability to think analytically, adhere to ethical and good faith rules and pay attention to R&D are among the necessary criteria.

Stating that search engines are the technologies that provide the fastest adaptation to emerging trends, Gülten underlined that many technological developments such as voice calls, communications of smart electronic devices and artificial intelligence assistants increase the need for search engines.

"Emotional marketing trends in the field of SEO expertise will also develop," gulten said, referring to the importance of SEO experts observing the new needs of emerging technologies very well and gaining experience in new service areas for the needs in this regard.


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